Check out the appropriate form below and your job will go faster than ever!
All files are in PDF format.

Certificate of Resale
If your purchases from Reno Type are exempt from Nevada sales tax, you’ll need to fill out this form and send it to us. The department of taxation frowns on poor record-keeping!
Download Certificate of Resale »
Credit Application + Agreement
If you’d like an account with Reno Type, download this form, fill it out, sign it and fax it to us. We’ll respond, usually in the affirmative, and usually in a couple days!
Download Credit Application + Agreement »
Credit Card Authorization
If you’d like to pay with a credit card, but aren’t here to sign, this is the form that authorizes us to remotely charge the card of your choice. You can authorize us to charge a single transaction or allow us to hold the information in our files to expedite future transactions.
Download Credit Card Authorization »
File Approval + Release
If we send a file, at your request, directly to another vendor, we loose the ability to proof it. Signing and returning this form lets us know that you know that Reno Type has no responsibility for the quality or correctness of the finished product. Not only should you fill this out, you are strongly advised to request a proof from this other vendor.
Download File Approval + Release »
Film Proof Waiver
We think it’s a bad idea to have the film from which printing plates will be made without a proof, but sometimes budget or schedule preclude this important step. We hope you’ll never consider doing a job without a proof, but if you must, fill this out and sign it. By doing so you agree to hold Reno Type harmless… even for our mistakes. Use with extreme caution!
Download Film Proof Waiver »
General Job Request
The more information you give us, the faster (and better) we will be able to serve you! If you’re submitting a job or requesting a quote after hours, this form is a great help for all of us, making sure you communicate the most essential information. It has lots of room for special instructions and clever illustrations, too!
Download General Request »
Giclée Price List
Prices for reproducing fine art on canvas or cotton rag paper.
Download Giclée Price List »
Prepress Services List
Prices for scanning, film, proofs and all those “old-fashioned” services you’ve let Reno Type help with over the years.
Download Prepress Services Prices »
Printing Proof Waiver
It’s an even worse idea to print something without a proof of some sort. If you really don’t have time to approve a proof, we won’t print it without this waiver in our hands.
Download Print Proof Waiver »
Print Job Request
If you’re submitting a printing job, or requesting an estimate for a print job after hours, this form allows you to provide all the specifications. If it seems like a bit much, just write “HUH?” across it with a Sharpie, include your name and phone number, and we’ll call you and figure it out as soon as we’re back in the office.
Download Print Request »
Terms + Conditions
The rules about how to pay us, and what happens if you don’t…
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