Jim is the most recent addition to the Reno Type Team. As our primary Customer Service Representative (CSR) his is the voice customers usually hear first on the phone when they call. Quotes, invoices and answers are what he spends most of his time on, though as he works towards his TAS designation, he is quickly becoming an expert in the promotional products side of our business. His early career path centered on photography and his expertise in conventional image capture and reproduction serves Reno Type and our customers well. Jim, is proud of his seven grown children. There’s not eno0ugh room here to brag on all of them, but his oldest is about to be awarded a PhD in Mathematics. His and his wife Beth were married 35 years ago.


What makes Jim the Reno Type?

“The climate is unbeatable and I loves the lack of pretention. The people here are straight forward. You can get anywhere in 15 minutes. It’s a hard combination to beat!”