Davey joined the Reno Type Team nearly 20 years ago. It was at the tender age of 19 he became our delivery driver — it was kinda mean (but fun) to make him contort his six foot five inch frame into the cockpit of a Geo Metro. After a few years of schlepping type and linotronic output all over town, we gave him a “break” and made him a proofer. Remember Matchprints? Davey sure does. So he traded 8 hours a day in a tiny car for 8 hours a day on his feet making sure the cyan magenta yellow and black registered perfectly. It was 1996 or so that Reno Type installed the first digital press in Reno: the Agfa Chromapress. Ours was serial number 32. No kidding! Davey spent a couple of weeks in New Jersey leaning to operate this newfangled beast and so was finally allowed to use a chair.

Fast forward to this century and you’ll find Davey on the phone with vendors and clients and managing the production schedule at Reno Type. As Production Manager, He runs the morning production meeting, makes sure orders are entered correctly, shepherds them through the process and keeps the staff on their toes and most importantly on time. There’s a reason Reno gets jobs done before our competitors can do an estimate. Davey runs the system that makes that work. He also runs pretty much every piece of equipment we have when someone is sick or on vacation.

He lives close to the shop with his wife Jackie and 3 daughters –Emma, Gracie and Scout. Somewhere between his family and work life he finds time to grow vegetables. LIke thousands of them. No matter the time of year, there’s a bag, box or bowl of fresh goodness here at the office, courtesy of Davey.

What makes Davey the Reno Type?

“I’m a native Nevadan, and many members of my family have been or still are teachers in Washoe County. Seems like every other customer remembers taking life science from my dad at Reno High School. Or being coached by my brother at the same place. But I think for me it comes down to my family: Both the one at home and the one at the office. It’s hard to imagine a better place to raise a family.”