Reno Type has been a part of the printing industry since type was made out of lead. Really. And we still offer nearly every service we did as we grew: printing, offset printing, digital printing, variable data printing, giclée, canvas, letterpress printing, prepress, mailing, addressing, typesetting, lithography, postcards, full-color, four-color, glossy paper, drum scanning, fine art reproduction, wedding invitations, rack cards, brochures…

Think of Reno Type as a quality boutique where you can find just what you’re looking for, just when you need it. For just the right price. Brochures. Postcards. Sales sheets. Rack cards. You name it, we print it. And we print it faster and better for less.

The Whole Story

Reno Type started in 1979 when one man put a particularly large toy in his garage. Elmer was a retired salesman for Mergenthaler, and in 1979, the Mergenthaler VIP was the most advanced piece of typesetting equipment in the world. Elmer thought Reno needed one, and Reno Type was Born. The firm moved to offices on Bell Street in the early 1980’s and continued to stay on the cutting edge of modern typography.

In 1986 Reno type had a Linotronic 300 imagesetter, the first true digital typesetting device. And Reno Type was at the forefront of desktop publishing when we became one of the first west-coast installations of the Linotype RIP-1. RIP-2 and 3 followed. Then came the first film-capable imagestter in the area, the Linotronic 330. When Linotype merged with the German scanner manufacturer, Hell, their proprietary screening algorythm for color separation found its way into Postscript RIPs. When in the late 1980’s Reno Type installed the RIP 30, RIP 40 and RIP 50 we’d become a color separator.

The addition of scanning equipment by Scitex in the mid 1990’s marked a big change for Reno Type. Instead of just outputting customer supplied files to film and making proofs we were now a full service pre-press provider scanning slides, transparencies and artboards at the front end, combing those with our typography or client supplied layouts and generating composed film and matchprints.

But prepress was a dying industry. As customer quality expectations changed, people turned to low cost desktop scanners. Printers installed direct-to-plate devices rendering the film that was Reno Type’s prime product obsolete. In 1997 Reno Type installed the first Digital printing press in the state of Nevada: The Agfa Chromapress. Ours was serial number 32, making it one of the first in the world. Today a digital device that can print in full color on both sides of heavy cardstock at a rate of 70 pages per minute is not uncommon. There are many devices that cost under $250,000 that can do it. But in 1997, it was magic. Reno Type had become a printing firm.

As we grew we moved from Bell Street to Ridge Street, from Ridge Street to South Meadows, and from there to our current location. We recently discontinued our film services: The cost of imagesetting film and chemistry relative to the volume of work was just too great. But we replaced those services with some new ones.

We operate and maintain the only high end scanner in the area, and with our many years of experience with commercial color reproduction, Art Reproduction was a natural fit for us. We maintain two Giclee printers and use museum grade materials. We are the only true high-end source of fine art reproduction in the area.

We operate three high-end full color digital presses and one four color offset press. We have a full bindery including die-cutting, folding, stitching and cutting. We offer full mailing services too.

On rare occasions, clients ask us to produce something that we can’t. When that happens, we will either broker it or help you select a reliable and reputable source.