There’s a reason you are asked to sign off on a proof.

On any job produced by a printer, whether Reno Type or another reputable outfit, a proof is provided to the client prior to production. Mistakes happen. We hate them. We do everything we can to prevent them. But they sneak through. The proof is YOUR opportunity to catch and correct them.

An error could be in the original art provided by you. It could be a typo made by our staff. It could be an artifact created by a mismatch in software versions. Or any other of a myriad of reasons. And regardless of the circumstance, it is the client’s responsibility to review the proof carefully, and approve it.

If you notice an error upon receipt of your job — and that error was on the proof that you signed off on — guess what? It became YOUR error, even if it wasn’t originally made by you.

The good guys (and I like to believe Reno Type qualifies) will never use this to flog a client, and will work to resolve the situation fairly. But fairly SHOULD be fair to both sides. If a printer is expected to be responsible for all errors, regardless of whether a proof was signed off on, regardless of the situation, 100% of the time, no matter what… well… that’s just not fair.

No one wants errors, and certainly, no one wants to PAY for them. So please look at your proof. Approve it ONLY if you are willing to pay for a product that matches the proof.

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