Promotional Products Keep Working!


Long after the planned promotion is complete, promotional products continue working for you. If you spend money on broadcast or publication advertising, you know what it can cost. You get something for that spend… but it is transient. Ephemeral. Once you stop spending money, the message evaporates. Promotional items, on the other hand make an indelible mark on the recipient, because it’s a real product of use that they can touch and enjoy every day.

How long soKeepPromotionaProductsmeone keeps a promotional item depends on the exact item of course but the average promotional item is kept for about seven months. Think about that: you do the promotion one time, and your message continues to work for seven months. Can you think of any other one-time advertisement that can do that? According to a recent study, customers are far more likely to keep an item if it is useful. Usefulness was cited by 77% of recipients when asked why they still had a promotional product, followed attractiveness at 29%.

What’s more, when people are done with the product, they don’t throw it away. Overwhelmingly, the pass it on. In the United States, 63% of promotional items are passed on to someone else, where the message can continue doing its work.

What’s the right item? it depends on what you are trying to accomplish, and who you are trying to reach.  While promotional writing instruments remain the number one category by both dollar volume and number of units, they have the least “staying power,” at “only” 5 months. Calendars, drink-ware and bags do much better on that front. But these statistics should not be the deciding factor. Instead of making a decision based on the product, you should make it based on the result you’d like to achieve, and that’s where Reno Type comes in. We’d love to help you achieve your marketing, sales, and advertising goals with “Promotions on Purpose,” so call us today!

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