Establishing the Printer-Customer Relationship, Part 2

Our Responsibilities as Your Print Vendor

To make the relationship work, we as the print vendor have several responsibilities.

  1. Dependability. We must deliver your printing order on time, exactly as ordered, and at the agreed-upon price – every single time. This relieves you of the burden of continually checking on your order and frees up time for your other tasks.
  2. Consistency. We must ensure that your company or organization looks good in print. That means consistency across all printed materials, including logo reproduction, typography, design and page layout. We may suggest refreshing or even redesigning an item if needed to achieve consistency, or printing an item that was previously printed on desktop equipment to improve image quality.
  3. Expertise. We must know when to take your order without comment and when use our professional expertise in print production and management to offer alternatives.
  4. Trust. We must earn and hold your trust by offering you fair pricing. This includes ways to save money with alternate production methods, materials or volume buying. It also means providing a cost estimate or quotation prior to beginning work on job; not proceeding with work you have not authorized; and honoring the price quoted so long as the specifications don’t change.
  5. Production management. Although this is largely invisible to you, it is essential to our maintaining control of the production process. Printing is custom manufacturing, with each job having its own unique specifications. Each step of the printing process must occur in a specific order and requires an allotted amount of time. We use production standards to determine the time and resource requirements for all jobs, then use this information to formulate a daily production schedule. Our production manager monitors progress throughout the day to be sure that both the schedule and the quality standards will be met.

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Content is partially provided by CPrint® International and was featured in the January 2015 issue of CPrintips™ entitled “Howdy, Pardner: Establishing the Printing Customer-Vendor Relationship”.

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