Establishing the Printer-Customer Relationship, Part 1

If printing services is a budget  line item for your company or organization, chances are someone is in charge of managing that budget by finding a reliable printing vendor – a company that charges a fair price, is dependable, has expertise in the kind of printing you need, and has the necessary production capability and capacity. When a company or organization that has a regular, recurring need for printing and finds a print vendor with the ability, intention and willingness to meet that need, the two have a basis for forming a printing customer-vendor relationship.

The Benefits of Establishing a Relationship

Establishing a relationship with your printer pays big dividends. Besides saving money overall on your printing, you’ll get better customer service, more help in exploring production options, consultation on related services like mailing and large format printing, and assistance in marketing and business development. These benefits are in addition to competitive pricing on individual projects and great print quality – something that we at Reno Type offer as standard service to all our customers.

Loyalty: The Relationship Reward

If we are successful in building a solid printing customer/vendor relationship, the reward will be loyalty on both sides. We will be loyal to you by continuing to fulfill our responsibilities to be worthy of your trust. You will be loyal to us letting us know when there are new opportunities within your company and by recommending us to others.

If you are interested in taking the first steps toward building a relationship and gaining its many benefits, contact Kurt and we’ll arrange a convenient time and place to meet.

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Content is partially provided by CPrint® International and was featured in the January 2015 issue of CPrintips™ entitled “Howdy, Pardner: Establishing the Printing Customer-Vendor Relationship”.

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