Promotions on purpose.

Promotional Products at Reno Type

Give-aways? NO! they are called promotions and they serve a purpose!

Nearly everyone who calls Reno Type looking for advertising specialties and promotional products starts by explaining that they’re looking for a cheap giveaway. When we ask why they want a cheap giveaway, or who will be receiving it, we catch folks off guard. It seems that local distributors have trained people in the area that business need a bunch of random plastic garbage with their logo on it — for no particular reason.

We don’t want to turn away business, so if you really just want the cheapest available luggage tag, chapstick, letter opener, pen or whatever, we’ll get it for you. We have access to over a million products, and can quickly figure out which is the cheapest. But the truth is ANYONE can get you a cheap thingamajig. If that’s really your goal, do an online search for “cheap pens” and you’ll probably find something cheaper than even we can get you.

But really, we’d rather help you find the right product to give to the right person for the right reason. If you’re buying a promotional product, it should be because you are trying to achieve something. The job of most businesses is to make more money, so at the very least the promotional product should work towards that by increasing the awareness of your company, improving the perception of your company among likely customers , securing a meeting or closing a sale. And the truth is, a letter opener that will break after 5 uses or a pen that stops writing is not going to move you in the right direction. In fact, it will probably move you backwards.

Business success means getting results. The most successful promotions in the world are those that accomplish key objectives. Essentially,

Creativity is appreciated, but results are required!

Whether it’s a new product launch for your marketing department, an employee retention program for human resources or a cost-effective program designed to reduce insurance premiums by improving safety in the workplace, we can help… IF YOU’LL LET US! When we ask questions like ” Who’s is going to receive these?”, “Where are people when they are in the most critical need of your product or service?”, and “What are you trying to achieve with this promotion?” it’s not because we’re trying to waste your time. We are trying to help you be more successful.

Instead of thinking about products that you can get your logo on, think about the problems you need to solve and the results you need to achieve. Then call Reno Type and share that with us. It is possible we’ll say “Ya know, I have a 19 cent pen that’ll solve that one for ya,” but not very.

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