Stickers, Labels, Decals.

Stickers, Decals, Labels

A longtime customer was in the other day and asked if we could recommend a company to print stickers. We were able to direct her to the best provider in the Reno area. Reno Type! If you need something printed, we can almost certainly do it. Don’t be afraid if we ask you a few clarifying questions when you order them though. Here’s a quick primer on the art and craft of adhesive product printing.

Like any other printing process, the more product you get, the cheaper each one is. A lot of printers will use this fact to try and talk you into getting more than you need. Not so at Reno Type. The best quantity is ALWAYS the number you can actually use. We may steer you do a different sort of sticker to make a smaller or larger quantity more effective though.

Digital. We carry an inventory of paper based label stock for imprinting on one of our digital presses. This is the way to go if you need a relatively small number of stickers, or are in a great big hurry. There are a few limitations though. Since the stickers are paper, they will not hold up very well in the elements. A bumper-sticker done this way, for example, might not last though the winter. Also we’re reasonably limited in terms of shapes. To cut a custom shape, the labels must be “die-cut.” The small quantities usually associated with die cutting usually make this process cost prohibitive.

Offset. Also on paper, printing your stickers this way is cost effective in large quantities, and opens up the possibility of printing special inks, like metallic or neon colors. Also stickers produced this way may be printed in large enough quantities to make die-cutting possible. Of course as it is paper, the sticker will still not be especially sturdy.  Offset printed paper labels are not recommended for outdoor use.

Flexography. This is the most common way to print stickers and labels. Flexography uses what is essentially a rubber stamp to put ink on a material. Don’t let the rubber stamp analogy fool you though: it can create very high quality products. The advantages of this sort of printing are a relatively low per-unit cost, greater weather resistance than paper products and a large variety of pre-determined shapes and sizes. These stickers usually come on rolls. Flexography can also be used for window decals and bumper stickers and the like, but are not as permanent as they could be. If outdoors, you should expect the print to fade and discolor over time. Different inks react differently, s it is hard to say exactly for how long they’ll last.

Screen Printing. When you need something to last a long time, this is they way to do it. Anything that is going to be put on a car or outdoors should be done this way. It is more expensive than the other methods, and is somewhat limited when it comes to full color reproduction.

Others. Sticker domes, embossed, foil and the like. Usually these are created with one of the methods above, and then there is a secondary process that applies the special effect. We don’t do all of these special effects ourselves, but when it is required, we have relationships with some of the most talented artisans around.

No matter what you need. If it is sticky, we can do it!

With access to thousands of kinds of stickers, we’re sure to find exactly what you need. Check out a sampling of what we can get for you: Shop our online collection of stickers right now »

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