Marketing from the Heart.


One of the most effective ways we know to grow our business here at Reno Type is by providing meaningful support to the non-profit organizations that work to improve our community. When we provide free printing services to The Committee to Aid Abused Women, operational support for Project Great Outdoors, underwrite programming at KNPB and offer significant discounts to most non-profit entities who come through our doors, it always comes back to us.

Doing good feels good – plain and simple. And everyone at Reno Type loves to help. But on a deeper level, when our community is improved, our lives are improved. We’ve learned that when we help on purpose and support causes that are really important, our clients – all of them – respond. We support, and in return are supported. There’s some kind of cool yin-yang/karma thing that goes on, and we like it a lot.

You don’t have to support the same causes that we do, but we know you support your own. We thank and salute you for investing in our community!

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