Picking the Perfect Pen

Branded Promotional Pens

Pens are the #1 imprinted promotional giveaway item. A quality writing instrument is likely to be kept and used, which is great for your company. Reno Type has access to literally thousands of these pens – but not all pens are created equal. A giveaway should represent your company and brand. If the pen is cheap junk, it reflects poorly on your image. Happily, there are just as many good pens on the market as bad ones. Whatever your budget and needs, there’s a good quality pen you can put your logo on. We’ve handled a lot of pen samples lately and have taken the opportunity to sort them into rough price brackets.


Cheap promotional pens can be found for anyone needing 250 or more at at time. Think your traditional ballpoint stick pen with a single color imprint. These are the pens you don’t care if the customers carry off by the hundreds. Many of them are even made right here in the US. While prices can go as low as $0.08 a piece, the pens we’re most comfortable recommending start around $0.50 each.
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Moving up the food chain, mid-range personalized pens will cost you anywhere from $1.20 to almost $3 each. The increase in price introduces features like gel ink, metal barrels, rubber grippers, and multiple imprint colors. Uses for these kinds of pens could be for around the office, as corporate gift bag stuffers, or to give out to clients.
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Sometimes, only the best pen will do. A high-end fine writing instrument feels good to hold and use. They make excellent gifts for many occasions, and look great in the boardroom. If you’re willing to spend a little (or a lot) more for a luxury pen, the prices can start at $6 each and only go up. This can buy you laser engraving or chrome finishes.
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So now that we’ve covered the gamut of the normal sorts of pens that people order, what’s left? A whole lot, it turns out! Stylus pens that can write on your touch-screen phone, silly themed pens, Post-it note pens – the list goes on and on. Chances are there’s always going to be a custom pen to suit your needs.
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