Craftsmanship AND fast turnarounds!


When the Nevada Museum of Art needed a high-quality invitation in a great big hurry, they knew just where to go. It is 8.5×11 and gate-folds to 8.5×5.5 on 120 pound Sundance Felt cover. It is only one color, but that one color is metallic gold with very heavy coverage and thin reversed type. Heavy coverage like that is always hard to print, and when you add the very heavy texture that paper has, it becomes downright ornery! The answer was to double-hit the gold, with a “stayback” on the first hit. This ensured that the we would not have to put so much ink down on the second hit that the fine type filled in.

We did it overnight.

This is the kind of craftsmanship and service that is all but dead in today’s world. No print broker, digital printer or on-line place could do it. Had they tried, the deadline would not be met and it would have looked like heck. You’d be hard pressed to find a broker or digital or on-line shop who knows what a “stayback” is – let alone one who would use it.

Look: we don’t want to turn projects like this on a dime. But the world rarely complies with our wishes. If you are in a bind, isn’t it nice to know that there’s a printer who can actually help? And if you have a normal project with a normal turnaround time, just imagine what a print shop like Reno Type can do for it!

By the way: check out the show that this invitation celebrates. It’s going to be cool!

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