We do it ourseleves. In Reno.

Specializing in work produced locally!

As printing has become a commodity of sorts, lots of people have made a business of buying printing and selling it. Printing brokers are a dime a dozen, and while the broker who sells you the printing might live in our community, the people who actually do the work usually do not. When you do business with Reno Type, you are choosing to keep all of your money in the local economy.

Advertising promotional items are sold by lots of companies. Reno Type is one of them. But while most distributors  of these items don’t pay any attention to where the items come from, Reno Type specializes in distributing items that are manufactured right here in Reno, Nevada. Our only supplies of embroidered apparel and etched or engraved glassware are just down the street. Likewise, we have suppliers for flags, stickers, binders and holiday ornaments who are within a few miles of our location. And if not in Reno, then Nevada. If not Nevada, we choose to work with manufacturers in the USA! If you need something that just can’t come from the U.S. we’ll be surprised… but we’ll help you find it.

We’ve done business in Reno since 1978. We went to school here. Our kids go to school here. We make things here and we buy things here. If that sounds good to you, make sure you give Reno Type a shot on your next project.

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