Holiday Cheer


In celebration of Year 34 in business, we again invite everyone to visit Reno Type for some holiday cheer! Hot apple cider and cookies baked by the happy elves at Reno Type will be available every business day through the end of the year. Hope you come by!

We’ve been extremely fortunate this year. Business people around here say “flat is the new up,” when it comes to sales. By that measure, we’re succeeding astronomically. Admitedly, things aren’t as great as they were say 5 years ago, but we have had 2 years of steady, if not huge increases. That has allowed us to install new equipment:

  • A new 60″ giclee device. Now museum quality canvas prints can be even bigger!
  • A new digital press. When we installed the first digital press in Reno (way back in 1996: Chromapress serial number 32!) we new the printing world had changed. But we never could have imagined what the market wpould look like today. Today only about 25% of our work is printed on our offset press. The the balance printed on our digital presses looks every bit as good as offset!
  • We added a low-end color copier. It prints slowly compared to our other stuff — just 65 pages a minute, and even slower in heavy weight paper– bit it’s given us a way to compete with the color copiers used by chain office stores and blueprint companies who are proud of being the “low price leaders.”

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