Stretched Canvas Prints are a great Holiday Gift

We never intended our fine-art reproduction services for home use. We work with some of the area’s top artists, use really high-end materials and have the color reproduction experience (and ego) to do what artists need: perfect reproductions on museum grade materials that will last for over a hundred years.

But lately, we’ve seen a bunch of new work from people who are just not satisfied with the quality of the work provided by cheapo internet providers and Costco. Doing this sort of work well requires knowledge and craftsmanship, and when you get something cheap online… well… you get what you pay for.

If you have some favorite photographs, or a family portrait and would like to see them hanging on a wall looking as good as it can, give us a call! We have a consumer-grade canvas that while not up to museum standards is still much better than the stuff the on-line folks use. And if your piece is smaller than 20×24, we can gallery wrap it in housequite reasonably. The end result will be a piece that might cost a little more than what you get online, but that you will be proud to give as a gift or display in your home. AND you’ll be keeping your dollars in the local area and with a civic minded small business

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