New equipment, capabilities

We’ve an electrician here today running power for a new printer. We’ve been focusing on really high-quality offset and digital printing solutions for so long (not to mention fine art reproduction), that we’d lost sight of a really common need: cheap color copies.

We’ve all seen the signs as we drive down the road “B&W copies, .04 cents!” and “Color copies, .49 cents.” The truth is, this is not the sort of work that we at Reno Type aspire to do. And even though we today installed the sort of equipment that our competitors use to do that sort of work, we’ll probably never be that cheap on little jobs. But you asked… and we listened.

Let us know if you’re looking for color copies as opposed to actual printing, and you’ll see some pretty low pricing. The difference? In a word, quality. We are known for doing great work and for standing behind it. We’re not a “quick-copy shop,” and it isn’t appropriate to compare the work produced by our crafspeople on equipment that costs $250,000 to $500,000 or more with the produce from a kid who answered a craigslist ad on an office copier. But now we have our first office color copier, and have it stocked with 28 pound bond (still can’t bring ourselves to print on 20 pound bond… but if you really want it that way, we’ll do it).

Of course the real reason we bought the office copier is for… well… office copies. But since so many of our competitors use these and call it printing… we figured we could to.

Don’t worry though. This does NOT mean that we’ve given up our dedication to quality at a fair price. We’re just saying we can help you no matter WHAT your print needs.

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