New MIS system in the works

We’re in the process of configuring a new piece of software to help us estimate, track and invoice work. It’s a huge undertaking, and is requiring us to examine every part of our business… particularly our actual costs and appropriate profit. When we’re done, we’ll be able to do work even faster because we’ll be eliminating some of the administrative overhead attached to getting work through our shop.

In the new year, if all goes well, our estimates and invoices will look a little different than they have for the last ten years or so. But you may also notice different prices. Some prices will go down a bit. Some will go up: It’s really hard to get two different systems to come up with the exact same numbers. If you request an estimate, and find that the price is radically different from what you expected or what you are used to, kindly call it to our attention so we can make sure it’s not a screw-up in the new system. It may take us a few months to work out all the “bugs,” and we really appreciate your understanding and help.

It is enlightening to look at printing prices empirically, and to look at prices for offset printing, digital printing and giclee printing on a regional basis.

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