Some new artwork

People are turning to Reno Type for archival giclee reproductions of their artwork in increasing numbers. This time last year, we imaged 1 roll of canvas per month. In February of this year, we imaged 4 rolls. We’re super excited about this work, and look forward to adding additional equipment and substrates in the near future. All materials we use have achieved at least a score of 6 on the blue-wool scale as tested by the Fine Art Trade Guild (FATG), which extrapolates 100 year permanence.

We recently completed a number of pieces for Photographer Christopher Holloman, which will hang in the Java Jungle in Downtown Reno. Stop by to see some really impressive work!

Canvas, 12 x 60 inches

Canvas, 20 x 60 inches

100% Cotton Rag, 18×34 inches, framed and matted.

These are just a few of the Chris’ great images on display.

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