Direct Mail Works

We have always tried to put our money where our mouth is. We say well designed and targeted direct mail is an efficient way to bring customers to your door, so it follows that we should use the medium as well. We created a small (just 250!) list of the folks we thought would be great customers, and have been sending them a postcard EVERY WEEK for the last seven weeks. Nine weeks remain in the program. Last week we started seeing results in earnest, and so far have two new CLIENTS… that is, people with whom we have a relationship and who will work with us in the future. A goodly number of new leads and prospects as well. This is a big deal.

I won’t repeat all of the reasons why direct mail is a great marketing tool, but if you want to read some, check out what SCORE, a not for profit small business mentoring program made up of retired business experts, has to say about it.

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