What is “old” at Reno Type

We recently completed some work for the Reno Tahoe Winter Games Coalition, which reminded me of piece we did over 20 years ago for the same purpose. I dug through our flat-files trying to find it and failed. But I DID turn up some cool stuff.

This poster, from October 1985 marked the first release of Postscript fonts since the “original” 35 built into the first laserwriter (Times, Helvetica, etc.) and the next group, which I think were built into the laserwriter NT (Bookman, New Century Schoolbook et al.). At this time Reno Type owned the Linotype library for our Linotronic Typesetting system (you would not believe what faces used to cost), but it had not yet been turned into Postscript. We had a linotronic 300, and had just installed Linotype’s RIP 1 (“Redstone”).
According to this poster, Adobe had, as of October 1985, released 140 typefaces. At that time, there were NO OTHER Postscript fonts! Weird to think about now with hundreds of thousands (millions?) of fonts out there. In addition to this poster, we have most of the faces on floppy disc complete with packaging and the “manual. Gonna have to figure out what to do with this stuff!

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