Real scanning is back

Well, almost. Just one silly little part to replace, and high end commercial scanning will have returned to Reno. When our Scitex scanner decided to stop working we said “No big. Who needs high end scanning anyway?” Then we got a few jobs in.. and had to FIND someone to do some scanning for us. We sent work all over the western US — and you know what? Even though we sent it to places that had quality scanners, the resulting work was less than impressive. It seems that skilled operators are even RARER than quality equipment.

We bit the bullet, bought a broken scanner to scavenge parts, bough another part from a used equipment broker, and are now waiting for one more little doodad. Then it is time for calibration, and we’re off to the races.

Translation: if you need QUALITY scans from transparent or reflective originals… you can still get them at Reno Type! That said, expect it o cost a bit more than in the past. Paying others to do work for us has taught us what scanning costs nowadays.

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