Recent ruminations

It has been really busy lately. As I write, I can hear the folder, the press and the cutter. Considering there are two people back there… and three pieces of equipment… in different corners, folks are working hard. This makes me happy.

This last week we turned away several potential clients and jobs because we were unwilling to match someone else’s prices. If we’re 10 bucks to much, and that 10 bucks is really that big a deal to you, we have no problem matching the lower price. But when a client finds a price that is less than HALF of ours… well… that is different! It pains me to see competitors so desperate that they will sell work below their actual cost of goods. It concerns me that some potential clients are so desperate that they are willing to take a chance on something that cheap. Seriously SOMETHING is missing there. Our prices are FAIR, and based upon the actual cost of raw materials. We’re not getting rich over here. I guess it is further proof (as though we needed it) that the economy is not yet where it needs to be, regardless of how busy we are.

For the record, Last year, our same month sales were off by about 50% from the previous year. This year, however, our same month sales are up about 30% from last. We’re not out of the woods yet… but we seem to be well on the way!

Among the reasons for our success: (1) we did not cut back so far that the quality of our work suffered — a trap some other printers seem to have fallen into, and (2) We’re still spending money on advertising and promotion. Advertising budgets are the first to get slashed when the going gets tough, but if you think about it, Advertising is more important in a down economy than ever!

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