Room tax dollars at work. This oughta pack em in!

If we MUST send work out of the area, let’s make sure we send it somewhere that is capable of doing a better job than can be had locally.


I’m sure i’m not the only person who thinks highlighting the text “sucked all the fun out” may not be the best way to sell our little city to folks in the bay area. I wonder what sort of copy the local outfits proposed? It must have been pretty bad to make this idea look good.

“Reno Tahoe: kinda like pouring lemon juice on a paper cut!” or “Hey! some people who come here don’t get that painful rash!”

And I know bad typography is sort of the feel they were trying to achieve… but even bad type can be done better.

For the record… I actually like the copy, and the overall concept. It’s the execution — the choice of phrases to call out as biggest and boldest– that I have a problem with. That and the fact that we’re sending local money to another state when we have many excellent local agencies.

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