Facts matter. Or do they?

I learned when following up on a recent estimate that we had lost a job because our competitor said we cost less because we only print digitally. This was odd on several levels.
First, our competitor fibbed. We have digital and offset presses (not to mention letterpress), and have for over six years now. All of our competitors know this.
Second, our client believed the fib… despite having purchased offset printing from us many times in the past.
Third, who cares? If the price is right, the product looks good, it is on time… does it matter whether the process used is digital or offset?
One of the neat things about having every process there is (more or less… we don’t to rotogravure, for example) for putting pigment on paper under one roof, is that we are free to help our client choose the right way to work… without bias towards process. Tell us your goals. We’ll help you meet them!

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