Bad Typesetting

As the printing process becomes more and more automated, the physical quality of printing increases. The average job that comes out of our shop nowadays looks like the best work produced by anyone five or six years ago — from a “print quality” standpoint. But guess what? I have very little work that I’m proud to show off. Not because of the print quality, but because of the typesetting.

UGH! If I see one more expensive print job with badly justified type, or an inch mark instead of an apostrophe or a 2-letter orphan, I’ll EXPLODE. Typesetting is more than just words on a page. It is a craft which ensures that those words look good, and are easy to read.

If you are in charge of spending money on printing. PLEASE find someone who knows about type, and ask them to take a look at it before ink hits paper. Or find a book on typography. It matters. I swear!

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