Fine art reproduction.

In looking over 2009’s sales, I found a somewhat surprising bright spot. While our overall sales are down (big surprise!), we had one segment, Giclee reproduction, that almost doubled since the previous year. As far as we know, we’re the only conventional “color house” still in business in the area. We still operate a high-end scanner, and have years of color expertise to back it up, so it makes sense that people would turn to us for high end art reproduction. Nevertheless, it is a surprising piece of growth. I don’t know if anyone else in town does giclee reproductions at a professional level. Maybe that’s the reason for the growth.

We carry 4 high end substrates: 3 100% cotton rags (1 textured, 1 smooth, and 1 semi-gloss), and the best and most archival canvas that can be found. Every giclee reproduction includes a letterpress printed “certificate of authenticity”

Feel free to give us a call if you’ve any questions about Giclee, or would like to see samples of our work.

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