We’re known for quality.

I heard this from a potential client the other day. They said they were considering not calling us because of our reputation for producing the best quality printing. They assumed we’d be too expensive. Wow. A huge compliment… but maybe not the best of all possible outcomes.

It’s good to know that that’s our reputation. And of course, quality is important to us. But quality can’t be the competitive advantage. It can’t be a “unique selling proposition.” Quality is GIVEN. It is expected. You must provide quality work, or no one will work with you.

This begs the question.: “What IS Reno Type’s unique selling proposition?” We can answer it in a word.


We won’t take on a job we can’t do, or a turnaround time we can’t meet. Our prices won’t madly fluctuate based upon what the “other guys” are charging today. If you’ll honestly share your goals, we’ll honestly help you meet them. Even if it means sending you to one of our competitors. We know that fairness and honesty matter. We may loose out on a project from time to time as a result, but we’re not looking for “projects.” We’re looking for relationships. And relationships are nurtured by honesty and trust.

Got a question about printing? Or a price? Wondering if you’re getting the runaround? Drop us a line. We’ll give it to you straight.

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