The importance of a proof

It seems that one a year, we get into a kerfuffle with a client because they don’t want us to make, or don’t want to see, a proof of their work before we print it. Usually it’s because there isn’t enough time, which is a reason that I can at least understand (though I firmly believe that if there is no time fora proof, there’s no time for a job… and there’s DEFINITELY no time to re-do it, because of an error that would have been caught on the proof). Other reasons may exist, but I just don’t understand them.

What abut the situation where our client is different from the person or organization who prepared the work? Well… whoever approves the work is responsible for its quality and correctness. If the client trusts their designer enough to forgo seeing an accurate proof, we can respect that… but, to protect everyone in the loop, we need to know WHO has the authority to sign off.

We make proofs for two very important reasons. (1) Standard trade practices (see the pdf below, #9). It is our contract… our guarantee. It protects us. (Printing errors can cost A LOT more than just the price of the job. Check this out…. But more importantly (2) it protects the client. As a client, don’t you want to KNOW that your job is right? Before you spend the money? We don’t charge for the proofs… your print job will cost exactly the same with it and without it. Consider it a favor, and let us do it for you!

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