Musings about this economy, and what it means for small businesses

Money is tight right now, and everyone is cutting back. Advertising is one of the first things to get axed, it seems, and it shouldn’t be. Here are some thoughts:
1) If you advertise when your competitors are not, your ad (whether broadcast, print or direct mail) will have more impact.
2) Everyone is hungry. You have more negotiation power than usual. Use it!
3) If you maintain a strong advertising presence when no one is spending money, you will be “top of mind” when customers again have money to spend.
I’m practicing what I preach. This homely website is about to be replaced by a shiny new one… produced by a top notch local firm. I’ve placed a few radio spots, and am in production on 4 more right now. I’m sending 1000 postcards to potential customers every three weeks. In short, I’m spending more on advertising and promotion NOW than I ever have. I don’t expect instant results. I DO expect long term results… and those are the kind that matter.

On another, unrelated note… Why is it that customer service turns into a bag-of-ass when times are tough? You’d think that now, when customers are scarce, folks would be falling all over themselves to help customers. Not the case. For my point of view, that makes this economy a tremendous OPPORTUNITY for smart business-people. We always do our best to help customers here at Reno Type, of course. If you didn’t know this to be true, you probably wouldn’t be reading this. But we are making an extra effort to outperform expectations. People notice.

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