The way we were.

Back in hallowed antiquity, when Reno Type was exclusively a pre-press firm making film and color separations from client supplied files, our clients took an active role in ensuring that their work was done correctly. Today, the workflow has changed dramatically. “Throw it on a disk. They’ll figure it out” seems to be the operating methodology.
If getting your work done quickly, correctly and at the expected price is important, consider adding these tested steps to your workflow.
1) Include an accurate hard-copy proof so we know what YOU expect your job to look like. We still have a fax machine (775) 852-7310 in case delivery is a challenge.
2) Print separations of your file to your own printer and make sure all the elements you expect are actually there, and that it separates as it should.
3) Give us at least the bare minimum information: The name of the file. I cant believe how many CDs and flash-drives come in here with hundreds of files and instructions like “print the file that has a blue dot in the lower left-hand corner.
4) If it’s film we’re making, tell us what line screen, and whether it should be positive or negative and emulsion up, or down. Ask your printer if you don’t know the answer to these questions .
5) In short: Help us help you. We’re not so good with ESP around here.

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