A recent article in “Quick Printing,” a magazine for small printers suggested that small commercial shops like Reno Type don’t really have much to fear from printers in other communities who use direct mail and the internet to solicit business.

This postcard, received at our shop a couple days ago kinda hammers the point home. Imagine the conversation:

CEO: “Bob, Reno Type charges too much. Let’s give this company a try.”
BOB: “Hey! Free shipping what a deal! I’ll call em right away, sir.”
— a few moments pass —
BOB: “Sir? There’s no phone number on this card.”
CEO: “Go to their web site then.”
BOB: “uhhhh….”
CEO: “So they forgot some contact information. You’re a smart print buyer. Google em. Call information. Write em a letter and snail-mail it. I don’t care… JUST GET IT DONE!”
BOB: “Umm… Sir? I don’t know the company name.”
CEO: “What? Can’t you read?”
BOB: ” I mean it isn’t on the piece. Nothing. There is no way to contact this company.”
CEO: “Well Bob… I guess you’re Not the stupidist human being in the world after all. Someone should call those guys and tell em how dumb they are!”
BOB: “Sir?”
CEO: ” Oh. Never mind.”

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