Big news for Labor Day


This is not the usual notice that we’ll be closed in observance of Labor Day. We will be… BUT we’re doing something else, too. Labor day seems like the perfect time to let the world know that we are now a UNION print shop! Reno Type employees are represented by local 401 of the International […]

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Promotional Products: waste of money?


A client just called my attention to a piece published in Fast Company by Elizabeth Segran arguing that cheap promotional give-aways are destroying the planet and do little to achieve a company’s marketing goals. On the surface, this premise seems to invalidate what we do here at Reno Type. Yet I loved the article. I’ve been […]

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Get the most from your trade show exhibit experience.


Exhibitors put lots of energy into designing the perfect booth for the trade show they’re exhibiting at. The booth is important, but not nearly as important as the steps you take before, during and after the show. The point of going to the show isn’t to have a booth. It’s to sell your products and […]

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There’s a reason you are asked to sign off on a proof.

On any job produced by a printer, whether Reno Type or another reputable outfit, a proof is provided to the client prior to production. Mistakes happen. We hate them. We do everything we can to prevent them. But they sneak through. The proof is YOUR opportunity to catch and correct them. An error could be […]

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What’s in a proof?

As our industry has changed, so has the nature of “proofing.” Advances in technology have changed the accuracy of proofs (not in the direction you might expect), and many folks don’t understand the limits or even –as it turns out — the PURPOSE of a proof. This was drawn into stark relief for me on […]

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