Reno Type will be closed on Friday, Oct. 26


We’ll see you at the parade, and be back in the office on Monday the 29th. Happy Nevada Day!

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COMMAND N: The live design contest.

RT command N

AIGA Reno-Tahoe and Reno Type invite you to ⌘N, the fifth annual live design competition, Thursday November 15 from 5:30 til 9:00 PM. Formerly known as Pixels of Fury, nine designers compete mano a mano in three 18-minute rounds in this design duel of epic proportions. Each team/competitor furiously conceives and creates original posters in […]

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Holiday Gifts and Greeting from Reno Type!

Holiday Cheer at Reno Type!

Remember last December when you swore you wouldn’t wait till the last minute to get holiday cards and gifts for your clients? Now is the time to plan holiday gifts and promotions. Click on any of the links below… or better yet, ring us up. We’ve lots more to offer, and love to help our […]

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There’s a reason you are asked to sign off on a proof.

On any job produced by a printer, whether Reno Type or another reputable outfit, a proof is provided to the client prior to production. Mistakes happen. We hate them. We do everything we can to prevent them. But they sneak through. The proof is YOUR opportunity to catch and correct them. An error could be […]

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What’s in a proof?

As our industry has changed, so has the nature of “proofing.” Advances in technology have changed the accuracy of proofs (not in the direction you might expect), and many folks don’t understand the limits or even –as it turns out — the PURPOSE of a proof. This was drawn into stark relief for me on […]

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